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Autoparts: Your Best Local Source from Stirling to Belleville, Port Hope to Kingston, North to Bancroft and all of Prince Edward County!

When you need autoparts—you need them the day before yesterday. If you\’re engine block cracked, you need a new sensor or an entire new exhaust system—you don\’t want to be driving around the province looking for the part. In fact, the more you drive, the more expensive the part becomes due to the raising prices of petrol.

So, what\’s the solution?

Your solution is to find a local source for autoparts. Locally-sourced parts for your car isn\’t just convenient, there are a number of solid benefits derived from sourcing locally (as opposed to national, far-flung or online sources):

1. You save gas.

2. You save time by staying local.

3. You save money—because let\’s face it, these days gas is money.

4. Reliability. When you buy local you buy from a business they need to stand by their parts—after all, their reputation relies on it.

5. Warranties. In hand with the reliability issue addressed above, local vendors can offer hassle-free warranties that assure the quality of their products—and the part\’s lifecycle in your car. You can also walk into the store to return the part and don\’t have to worry about driving long distances or shipping.

6. Good guys. In today\’s market of always pushing down on the bottom line, finding a local, family-style store to walk in to and buy products from—from highly-knowledgable people that you want to do business with again and again—that\’s hard to find these days. We\’ve got it. We\’ve got in spades.

7. You need more reasons than that? Really? OK—here\’s another one. We\’re extremely affordable. Even with our high-quality parts, great warranty and exceptional service, our parts are still super-competitive. To compare our price with other vendors—just give us a call with the part number or description and we\’ll tell you. Simple as that.

Autoparts: Where to Find Parts, from Stirling to Belleville, Port Hope to Kingston, North to Bancroft and all of Prince Edward County!

If you\’re in our community, whether it be Stirling, nearby Belleville or neighbouring Kingston—we\’re worth the drive to Stirling. We offer top-quality autoparts at a good price, we have a huge variety and a team of expert car guys who you\’ll be happy buying from. If there\’s anything more than high-quality parts, at a good price—from amazing people, then we\’d love to hear it.

So, to source your parts locally in the Stirling, Belleville, Kingston and Prince Edward County area—come on in to Woodbecks, or give us a call today to check on the part that you need (and you need now).

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