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Auto Parts Canada: 3 Things to Look for in a Parts Vendor

When it comes to buying auto parts Canada, you have a plethora—no, a cornucopia—of available options for auto parts. But, how can you sort between the crowd to find the best vendor, with the best part?

Of course the simple answer to how to find the best part is, if you\’re in the Stirling and surrounding areas—is to come on in to Woodbecks. If you\’re not nearby, or you simply need a yardstick to measure why we\’re so good at what we do…here are 3 things to look for in a parts vendor.

3 Qualities to Look for in your Auto Parts Canada Vendor
From service to quality to location, location, location—we\’ve got the top 3 tips to source your new parts vendor…

1. Warranty
The absolute first quality you should look at is the warranty that a vendor offers on their parts. The importance of their warranty is critical on two levels. The first level is that you want a part that will be reliable over the long-term, and should anything go wrong—you (rightfully) expect the vendor to stand behind their part.

The second element of this equation is that the vendors should want to stand by their parts. If a vendor doesn\’t stand by their parts with a good warranty or extended warranty, then they don\’t have faith in their own products. And if a company isn\’t their biggest cheerleader—run, fast.

2. Service
While a warranty is of critical importance, service is right up there. After all, if you activate the warranty—you want an awesome group of people on the other side of the counter. Also, before you ever get to the point where you need a warranty you need to first become a customer. And people decide to become customers based on the service they receive that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside (you know—in an uber-manly way).

3. Location
Location, location, location isn\’t just important with real estate—you want your parts vendor to be nearby, for a number of reasons. First, you don\’t want to be driving around the province looking for your needed part (that is of course if your car can still move), second, you don\’t want to be wasting gas that usurps any value you might save from driving to London, and third—you want to be local if you ever need to activate their warranty. As an added bonus of having an auto parts supplier in Stirling and surrounding areas is that you get to come in and talk shop—and, you also have knowledgable (and fun!) car guys to \’talk shop\’ with.

If you\’re in the Stirling area—then make the smart and simple choice, and come to Woodbecks. We offer high-quality parts, with a long-lasting guarantee—from a great group of local guys.

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