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Car Parts—Why use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

Car owners looking for a good deal on parts have been torn between using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and aftermarket car parts, which forces them to ask the question: which is better?

In our opinion, there are a place for both. For cars on their last legs, cars that need a quick patching solution or for car owners looking for an affordable stop-gap measure to keep their car on the road—aftermarket or used car parts can be a great, affordable solution. There are however a cavalcade of reasons to opt for OEM car parts over used…

Why Use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Car Parts
To help you make the decision between used and OEM parts, we\’ve come up with a list of reasons to opt for OEM:

1. With OEM parts you are guaranteed a high level of quality across the board, whereas aftermarket car parts span the quality gauntlet.

2. Guarantees. When you purchase OEM parts they come with a solid guarantee, to ensure they stand the test of time. Aftermarket car parts however, don\’t generally come with extended warranties, and used auto parts generally are only covered for a month or two. Used and aftermarket parts generally can\’t afford to offer warranties based on the price points they sell the parts at.

3. OEM parts are perfectly designed and uniformly numbered so that when you purchase a part, it is the right one. With non-OEM parts you must use conversion charts, and choose from the large selection of similar (but \’don\’t quite fit\’) parts. OEM parts are easier to source and select—with a guarantee it is the right part.

4. Non-OEM parts can adversely affect the value of your car should you sell it further on down the road. As aftermarket parts and used auto parts aren\’t necessarily as reliable or long-lasting as branded parts it can lower the car\’s value.

With the above four points we hope we\’ve illuminated the important differences between OEM and non-OEM parts—and have made your decision easier. But wait, there\’s more…

Deciding between OEM and aftermarket isn\’t always a conscious decision by car owners, as many auto-repair shops don\’t clearly state which type of parts they will be using. So, if you\’ve taken sides on this issue—be sure that your repair shop it on your side. If they won\’t guarantee OEM parts (or are overcharging for them), then come on in to Woodbecks in Stirling, where we offer fair prices on high-quality, warrantied OEM parts. If new isn\’t in the budget…we also have affordable, high-quality used auto parts.

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