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5 Often Overlooked Winter Vehicle Maintenance Items

The chill of the winter air is already being felt by Canadian drivers. And it’s now the time of the year when we all turn to the weather forecast before our morning drive to find out what the short-term future has in store. While we often prepare meticulously for that daily drive to work, we don’t always pay close attention to our vehicle maintenance requirements during the winter. And so in this blog we’ll focus on five often overlooked winter maintenance items.


1) Test the Battery

The vehicle battery is the critical component that allows vehicles to start during those cool winter mornings. To prevent being stranded and unable to get to work this winter, it’s important that drivers have their vehicle’s battery load-tested. Load tests can help identify power failures in batteries and ensure there’s plenty of time to purchase a new one before the old one dies.


2) Check Tire Pressure 

It’s well known within the vehicle care field that car tires lose a pound in pressure for every drop of 10 degrees in Fahrenheit. Drivers must check their tire pressure regularly throughout the winter to ensure their tires aren’t underinflated. Tire under-inflation can cause numerous problems related to driving stability and gas efficiency.


3) Replace Windshield Wipers

The wintertime can be a particularly difficult time for keeping windshields clean. Snow kicked-up from other vehicles and freezing rain can leave a lasting impression on windshields, which must be cleaned effectively to ensure optimal visibility. By replacing wipers before the winter arrives, drivers can improve the safety of their winter-time driving.


4) Undergo Brake System Checks 

It’s important not to underestimate the value of a quick professional check of the brake system. Even if the car isn’t showing any signs of limited braking capacity, having a system checked by professionals could help identify looming issues that might have been dangerous while on-the-road.


5) Protect the Vehicle Interior

All-weather floor mats should be added to vehicles that are used regularly throughout the winter. These mats can help to protect against the corrosive salt used on streets and roadways during wintertime. All-weather floor mats are also easier to clean off than other interior mat products.


By taking action before the winter begins, drivers can maintain their vehicle to the highest of standards throughout the coming winter season. It’s a commitment to vehicle maintenance that can help save thousands of dollars in future repair costs! To learn more, speak with one of our in-house parts experts directly.

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