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Your 5-Point Winter Tire Checklist

The wintery weather can cause changes in the way many people drive. It can affect braking speeds and visibility. And therefore it’s important that the vehicle is in the optimal condition to help ensure a safe drive. One of the leading factors behind driving safety is the choice of winter tire for the vehicle. And so within this blog, we’ll look at 5 important points on a winter tire checklist.


1. Ensure All Four Tires Are Compatible

When selecting winter tires, it’s imperative for drivers to make sure tires are the same size and type. Winter tires should each have the same load index and speed rating. This type of vehicle balance will help ensure safe performance on the road.


2. Check for the Winter Symbol

The severity of the snow in Canada can differ significantly from city-to-city. But it’s important that all drivers have the highest rated tires for their vehicles. This means that drivers should select tires that are approved for driving in severe snow conditions. The symbol of a snowflake should be marked on the tire to indicate that it’s approved for severe snow.


3. Review Your Vehicle’s Snow Tire Designation

Many vehicle manufacturers highlight the ideal tire for the vehicle within their snow tire designation. For driving in difficult wintery conditions, choosing the preferred tire for the specific vehicle can help drivers maintain road traction and optimal vehicle control.


4. Save Money By Choosing the Ideal Wheel Rims 

Vehicle owners can save time and money during the installation and post-winter removal of winter tires by selecting the ideal wheel rims for the tire. Tire retailers can help drivers find out which wheels are suited to specific rim styles.


5. Ensure Tires Come with a Comprehensive Warranty

Many Canadian drivers discover only when it’s too late that they’ve made a mistake in their tire purchase and bought low quality products. A comprehensive warranty can help provide a method of recourse should the tires suffer a mechanical defect while on the road.


Making effective choices in their winter tire purchase can ensure Canadians find tires that offer high level performance for many years to come. Review this winter tire checklist before purchasing that next set of tires and streamline the entire purchase process. To learn more, speak with our trusted parts experts today.

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