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What are the Safest Cars for Teen Drivers?

A recent study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that teenage drivers are far more likely than other drivers to drive the least safe vehicles. Whether it’s down to simple cost of ownership issues or poor selection, teenagers often drive vehicles that are older, smaller and offer little collision protection. It’s important that parents understand which vehicles are the safest for the teen drivers in their family. So here are a few expert rules to follow when picking out a teen’s next car.


Choose a Vehicle with Limited Horsepower 

There’s simply no reason why teenager drivers require a vehicle that offers exceptional horsepower in its engine. Lower horsepower vehicles are far less likely to tempt teenagers into driving too fast on the road. Choosing a lower horsepower vehicle can also help teen drivers establish a safer way of driving that will help protect them on the road for the rest of their lives.


Review Vehicle Safety Ratings 

The IIHS conducts comprehensive testing on most vehicles available on the commercial marketplace. They give vehicles a rating based on the car’s performance in a number of tests, including roof strength, head restraint and side impact tests. These tests cover numerous areas including crash avoidance and crashworthiness, which examines how a vehicle responds to an impact. Parents must pay close attention to these ratings when purchasing a vehicle for their teenage driver.


Find a Vehicle with Stability Control

There have been a number of vehicle safety innovations in recent years and parents must review the marketplace to find vehicles that include the latest safety technology. One important example is Electronic Stability control (ESC), which is designed to help drivers maintain the control and balance of their vehicle on winding roads. ESC can also help teen drivers respond to obstacles in their path. It’s a safety feature that is critical in preventing numerous collisions each year.


Parents must review the marketplace carefully before selecting their son or daughter’s next vehicle. Not all vehicle manufacturers maintain the highest of safety standards. By reviewing the research and speaking with trusted professionals, the ideal vehicle for complete on the road safety can be chosen. Call our in-house experts today to learn more on the safety of the latest vehicles.

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