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Three Tips to Avoid Fraud When Buying Vehicles Online

There’s a simple convenience factor involved in buying vehicles online. The internet combines all the necessary resources to find the best available vehicle at the ideal price-point. But fraud remains a common problem encountered by online buyers. And this means that there are several steps vehicle buyers must take to ensure that their online vehicle purchase is legitimate.

1)    Investigate the Seller Thoroughly

When buying from through an online vendor, car purchasers must go through a comprehensive series of steps to ensure that the company is reputable. Does the company have a Better Business Bureau rating? Do they have a website which provides background information on their organization? It’s important to know with whom the deal is being made before signing any papers.

2)    Look at the Car In-Person

Buying a vehicle based on appearance alone is a mistake that many still make. Drivers must have the experience of driving the vehicle before they make the purchase decision. Only after taking the car for that first test-drive will they be able to see how it handles in certain conditions. An in-person viewing will also provide the buyer the opportunity to speak with the seller directly and assess their intentions first-hand. Any questions regarding the performance of the vehicle should be immediately asked after the test drive. And the answer should be documented to protect both the buyer and the seller against future legal claims.

3)    Research the VIN

As with any product that has been used, it’s imperative to research the vehicle’s history to find out if it has any issues that might not be fully resolved. This means that buyers must be proactive in researching the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and get a full report on the car’s current condition. The VIN report should highlight any issues that might need to be discussed further with the seller before the purchase is completed.

A careful and well-planned online car purchase can help buyers save time. But only with comprehensive research and communication with sellers can vehicle buyers achieve full value for money on their purchase. To learn more, contact our in-house vehicle experts today.

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