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Three Tips for Saving Money on Vehicle Use this Winter

Vehicle maintenance costs are often at their highest during the winter season, when cars take a beating from the cool weather, as well as the ice and snow on the roads. And so it’s important for drivers to consolidate their winter driving costs with strategic thinking on the road ahead. Here, we’ll help save you money with three tips on reducing vehicles costs this winter season.


1. Invest in Winter Tires 

While many Canadians still forgo winter tires in favour of all-seasons as a way of saving money, the net benefit driving on winter tires provides is clear. All-season tires simply don’t have the same amount of grip and traction on the road. This means that vehicles driving on all-season tires tend to be involved in more accidents while driving on snow than vehicles with dedicated snow tires. It’s often far less expensive to simply buy a new set of winter tires, than it is to replace or repair vehicles parts that have broken in an accident.


2.  Get a Pre-Winter Tune-Up 

The winter weather can affect numerous vehicle areas, from the engine to the tires. And so it’s important that every driver take their vehicle for a pre-winter tune-up to ensure its running to optimal capacity before the winter season begins. By speaking directly with a professional and having fluid levels and vehicle components analyzed, drivers can avoid breakdowns on cool winter evenings as they make their way home from work.


3. Invest in Road Side Service

Road side assistance services companies such as CAA can help Canadian drivers reduce their winter breakdown costs significantly. Breakdowns can occur to any vehicle any time of the day or night. Signing up with a road side service company will ensure that breakdown services and tow trucks are only a phone call away. Without this type of service membership, drivers might end up spending hundreds of dollars for their vehicle to be towed to a local garage. Sign-up costs are often far cheaper on an annual basis.


Effective vehicle maintenance will help protect you on the road this winter season, and save you money in the process. To speak with a trusted parts expert about your vehicle’s winter requirements, contact our offices directly.

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