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Three Steering Problems Often Encountered in Winter

It’s now the time of year when many drivers leave their home for work in the morning for another icy commute across city streets and highways ahead. These journeys are often fraught with difficulty and can be treacherous for those who don’t understand the optimal steering techniques when driving on ice and snow. And so in this article, we’ll look at three steering problems often encountered while driving in winter.


1. Under-steering 

Under-steering can occur when drivers try to steer around a corner and the car doesn’t follow, and slides in the original driving direction. This occurs as a result of drivers going around corners too quickly for their tires to retain traction on the round. The best way to correct an under-steering issue is to lift the foot off the gas, downshift gears and wait for the speed to reduce to the level at which effective steering can be completed. By remaining calm when they encounter an understeering issue, drivers can vastly improve their chances of avoiding a collision.


2. Stiff, Difficult to Turn Steering Wheel

Drivers often find that their vehicles become more difficult to manoeuvre when the temperatures drop during winter time. There are a number of reasons behind this common issue. But the primary issue is related to the power steering fluid within the vehicle. In freezing cold weather, power steering fluid can thicken and freeze. Drivers might also experience loud metal-on-metal noises while driving if their power steering fluid has become more viscous due to the freezing temperatures. In most vehicles, simply flushing and replacing the power steering fluid should help resolve the problem over the winter season.


3. Car Pulling in One Direction after Changing to Winter Tires

It can be a traumatic experience to find the vehicle suddenly drifting to one side of the road in a winter storm. But this is a position that thousands of Canadians find themselves in each winter. The problem is often related to the winter tires they’ve recently placed on their vehicle. Usually, having the vehicle’s aligned by a professional mechanic will resolve this common problem.


Driving on winter roads doesn’t have to become a difficult experience this wintertime. By responding immediately when a steering issue is discovered and completing effective research alongside trusted professionals, drivers can secure their safety and protect their vehicles for the long-term.

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