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Three Signs that It’s Time to Replace your Vehicle

We don’t always like to admit it. But there’s a chance that the vehicle we’ve been driving for years could be on its way to the scrap yard. It’s important for both safety, and financial reasons to understand the signs that a vehicle is about to break down. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight three of the most common signs that it’s now time to replace your vehicle.


1. Parts Become Unavailable

One of the leading reasons that owners scrap their vehicles is that the parts they need simply aren’t available on the modern marketplace. With the auto industry evolving so quickly in recent years, many owners are experiencing great difficulty finding once common parts for their older vehicles. If turning to a mechanic or parts specialist doesn’t help, it could be time to scrap the vehicle to get full value for the parts that remain.


2. There’s a Crack in the Engine Block

The engine block is the structure protecting the engine. If there’s a crack in the block, it leaves the engine vulnerable to outside contamination and can cause coolant/oil leakage among a range of problems. The good news is that the engine block will still have strong scrap value depending on its overall condition. A crack might be a clear sign it’s time to scrap the vehicle and get a return for the materials.


3. The Repairs Required Won’t Add Significant Lifetime Value

When a vehicle begins to require maintenance every few months, it’s important to analyze how much these repairs cost and compare that amount to the cost of a new car over a few months. Those $1200 repairs every few months begin to look more challenging when compared with a $300 payment every month for a new vehicle. Speaking with a repair specialist can help owners review the value behind large repairs on their older vehicle.


Owners must take a logical, financially-motived approach to deciding on the fate of their older vehicle. While it might be tempting in the moment to continue allowing the car to chug along, there comes a point when the only viable option is to find a more reliable vehicle. To learn more on this subject, speak with one of our in-house parts experts today.

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