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Three of the Most Popular Vehicle Add-Ons

The proactive driver is continually reviewing their vehicle’s performance. They’re analyzing gas mileage to determine whether they’re receiving value for money. They’re checking tire pressure to gauge performance and they’re continuously adjusting their budget to account for needed repairs. But there are some vehicle add-ons designed for luxury, rather than practicality. And in this blog, we’ll review three add-ons that are quickly becoming a need rather than a simple want for the Canadian driver.

1. Heated Seats

At the peak of the Canadian wintertime, there’s nothing quite like being able to sit within a warm seat for that hour long commute down the highway. The warmth the seat provides assures the highest level of comfort and protects drivers during those days when the air conditioning system simply isn’t doing the job required. Heated seats can be added to most vehicles using after-market padding. Professional service is required to complete the upholstery upgrade work.

2. Remote Starters

From the comfort of their own home, drivers can now start their vehicles to ensure they’re ready for use the moment they leave the front door. Only a few years ago, remote starters were a luxury item only offered with the premium vehicle models. Now, millions of Canadian drivers are utilizing remote starters with a range of vehicles. The latest remote starters will work with most cars. But it’s important to speak with a specialist directly about specific vehicle models before making the investment in a remote starter kit.

3. OnStar

The use of onboard communications technology such as OnStar is changing the way Canadians drive. It’s a system that allows drivers to connect directly with a live service professional as they drive. This service enables drivers to get location information while on the go and unable to use their cell phone. It also offers an automatic emergency service response when a crash incident is recorded. And drivers can even achieve an onboard diagnostics report based on the data OnStar receives from their vehicle. It’s a new way of driving that’s ensuring security, safety and effective vehicle performance on the road.

By updating their vehicle to suit their personal driving requirements, Canadian car owners are now maximizing their driving experience. While in-vehicle technology continues to evolve, the basic driving requirements of comfort and convenience remain a priority. To learn more on the latest vehicle add-on options, contact one of our trusted parts experts today!

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