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Three Innovations that are Set to Change the Way We Drive

Vehicle technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Vehicle additions such as GPS systems, which were only brought to market 15 years ago, are now common place. And so it’s important to look toward the future to find out what’s in store for drivers in the coming years. In this blog, we take a look at three innovations that are set to shape the way in which we drive for the long-term future.


1. Auto Braking Systems

Automatic braking systems are designed to sense an incoming collision before the driver in order to prevent vehicle accidents. These systems combine technologies such as radar, infrared and video to provide a seamless response to an imminent danger. This type of braking system is becoming more common as the technology improves. It’s the beginning of the era of vehicle automation, where the goal is collision avoidance and improved driver protection.


2. Designer Dashboards

Designer dashboards are a relatively new feature in the automotive world. Automakers are now removing the static displays that detail speed as well as oil and gas levels in order to integrate programmable screens that can provide the driver with a complete range of information on their vehicle’s performance. This technology has garnered attention since 2013, when Lexus released the IS F-Sport, which featured a thin film transistor display instead of the traditional dashboard area.


3. Dynamic Spotlight Technology

Another leading innovation set to become ubiquitous across modern vehicles is dynamic spotlight technology. At nighttime and during times of poor visibility, vehicles using these systems are able to detect and illuminate objects such as animals or people in the road ahead. They capitalize on infrared camera technology, which then works with software inside the vehicle to alert the driver to the oncoming danger. This feature was recently introduced by BMW in its 2013 vehicles and has proven exceptionally popular among modern drivers around the globe.


The technology behind the latest vehicles is ever-changing and always improving. As the leading vehicle manufacturers work towards enhancing driver experience and safety, we’re set to see a rapid change in vehicle technology in coming years. It’s a time in which automakers are re-defining the limits on vehicle functionality.

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