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The Steps Taken by Auto Recyclers during Depollution of Vehicles

Governments across the globe are now working to protect the environment by setting regulatory standards for the vehicle recycling process. Recycling companies must now work under safeguards to ensure that any harmful materials are removed according to the laws within their jurisdiction. But for those outside the industry, there’s still mystery surrounding the depollution process. Here, we’ll outline some of the steps taken by industry professionals to secure the environment during vehicle recycling work.

1)    Removing Hazardous Waste

All hazardous waste must be removed from the vehicle and stored safely within suitable containers. For example, air conditioner refrigerant will be removed using specialist extraction tools. During this process, all brake fluid, clutch fluid and power steering oil will also be safely removed. In addition, vehicle batteries must be safely removed and disposed of during the depollution process to ensure that acid and other harsh chemicals don’t find their way into the environment.

2)    Removing Explosive Items

The removal of air bags and seat-belt components is a crucial element in the depollution process, because these parts can explode. Air bags must be deployed before they can be stored safely. And most companies will complete the air bag deployment within the vehicle to ensure the safety of teams working on the depollution process. This will often be completed with all vehicle windows down to prevent glass breakage and protect on-site personnel.

3)    Removing Wheels

One important element of the vehicle depollution process is the removal of the car’s wheels. While this is often not a requirement for environment protection purposes, it will enable the depollution team to access the car’s shock absorbers and brakes, which can often contain harmful environmental contaminants such as asbestos.

Today’s auto recycling firms are now tasked with harnessing the latest technology to ensure that vehicles to be recycled are completed depolluted, with all harmful elements removed. By continually upgrading their standards, companies within the industry are now achieving more efficient means of recycling vehicles and helping improve the global landscape. To learn more on the comprehensive nature of the vehicle depollution process at Woodbeck Auto Parts, contact our in-house specialists today. Qualified technicians are standing-by to answer all questions.

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