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The 5 Actions that Can Ensure Your Safety after a Collision

The vast majority of vehicle drivers will never be in a serious car accident. However, it’s imperative you know what actions to take should you experience a heavy collision on the road. Taking simple actions can help protect your life and the life of those around you. In this blog, we’ll review the five actions that can assure your safety after a collision on the road.

1. Firstly, Remember to Remain Calm

Take a few deep breaths and review your current surroundings. This will help you to remain calm as you process the event in your mind. Once you’ve calmed yourself, you should now try to get somewhere safe. Move your vehicle to a safe location if you can. Otherwise, simply exit the vehicle and make your way to the closest sidewalk or roadside area.

2. Assess Any Injuries

If you’re able to do so safely, try to make your way to any other vehicles involved in the collision. Try to ascertain the condition of those in the vehicle and if there are any injuries immediately call 911. Oftentimes, a person might insist they’re okay even while they’re suffering from a concussion. Any injuries should be assessed by a paramedic at the site of the crash. Remember: you must never move a person who has suffered an injury in a vehicle accident. Moving the person may cause further damage to their spine and legs.

3. Exchange Insurance Information

If the injuries are limited and the other parties involved in the accident are able to communicate with you freely, exchange insurance information to ensure a seamless claims process for you both. By completing this action in the early stages after an accident, you can prevent future insurance issues.

4. Provide the Police with Your Information

The police will likely be at the site of the accident within a short timeframe. Once they’ve been called, it’s important to provide them with as much information as possible on the accident and on your actions both before and afterwards. This will help the police to determine if a police report is necessary.

5. Call a Loved One and Ensure You Have A Safe Route Home

Once the police have finished their work and advised you on any future action they make take, you’re now free to leave the scene. Call a loved one if you feel unable to drive your vehicle to your next destination. Your nerves will likely be impacted by the accident and having someone else drive you home can help you calm down

By following the guidelines highlighted in this article, you can keep your cool and take effective action after a vehicle collision. Contact our trusted parts team today to learn more on post-collision process.

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