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Leading Worldwide Recycler’s Association Urges Automakers to Provide Full Details on OEM parts

Companies within the automotive recycling industry depend upon the latest vehicle parts data to both help organize their inventories and provide customers with up-to-date information on the products available through the organization. But one of the challenges many recycling firms experience is that manufacturers don’t always provide access to OEM parts data. Now, a leading recycling industry member is speaking out about the issue.

At the 14th International Automotive Recyclers Congress in Brussels, Belgium, Automotive Recyclers Association President Michael E. Wilson outlined the need for openness within the industry when it comes to the subject of parts data. During his presentation, he made the following statement regarding the issue:

“Auto manufacturers have placed major restrictions on the dissemination of this data so that it cannot be integrated into professional automotive recyclers\’ inventory management systems.”

Wilson also noted the important role that auto recyclers play in providing customers with choice when it comes to purchasing parts for their vehicles. And he highlighted that, when recycling companies don’t have accurate parts data, they’re unable to optimally serve their customers. He also stated that, by limiting the OEM parts information available to automotive recyclers, companies were restricting the benefits that recycling can have on the environment and causing more parts to be manufactured than necessary.

This issue has been in the news within the automotive industry when Chevrolet recently re-engineered faulty Cobalt ignition switches without creating a new part number for the new vehicle component. This meant that the problem was left undiagnosed within many owners’ vehicles for several years. And it also meant that recycling companies might have been placing faulty ignitions back into the marketplace within used vehicles. Without the requisite information on the part, all market stakeholders, from the buyer to the recycling company are at risk.

Now, leading voices within the automotive recycling industry are calling for action from manufacturers to ensure parts safety and performance issues can quickly be analyzed, and comprehensive OEM parts data is available to all stakeholders. The objective is to have a synchronized inventory between manufacturers and parts suppliers to ensure effective dissemination of the available data for each part. To learn more on this issue, contact our in-house team members directly.


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