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How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Vehicle Interiors

Whether you’re considering selling a vehicle in the future or simply wish to preserve the environment to ensure cleanliness and comfort, it’s important to know how to minimize damage to vehicle interiors. The softer material within vehicle interior areas is more prone to damage than other, more durable vehicle components and so drivers must focus on problems that can cause significant wear and tear over time. In this blog, we’ll highlight how modern drivers can reduce the wear and tear on their vehicle interiors.


1) Spray Upholstery with Material Protector

Vinyl, leather and fabric vehicle upholstery must be protected against staining to ensure optimal aesthetics over the long-term. This means that owners should use a spray protectant within their vehicle to protect against liquid spills and stains that might permanently ruin the interior of a vehicle. Upholstery sprays should be used at least twice annually in order to be effective. After use, it’s important to allow the sprayed area to air dry in order to resist any staining caused by the spray.


2) Review Seatbelt Safety Checklists

A small cut on a seatbelt within a vehicle can reduce that seatbelt’s performance by as much as 50%. Drivers must consider the optimal operation of their seatbelt when completing maintenance of their vehicle’s interior.  As part of this process, drivers must review their vehicle manual and analyze safety checklists for the seatbelts. It’s important to use cleaning agents that will not fray or otherwise damage the fragile fabric of the seatbelt. Any significant tears to the fabric should be reviewed by a mechanic or another vehicle safety specialist.


3) Consider the Effect of the Elements

Both the winter snow and the summer sun can have a significantly damaging effect on vehicle interiors if owners don’t take active steps toward prevention. An example of sun damage is when the heat from the sun causes interior vinyl to crack over time. This problem can be prevented through the use of simple products such as a sun shade placed in the windshield. Sun shades provide a reflective film to deflect the sun’s rays, thereby reducing damage to delicate interior areas.


Vehicle owners must recognize the various elements that can have a long-term effect on the functionality and appearance of their vehicle’s interior and connected components. By reviewing the expert advice of those in the industry, owners will find that their vehicles can retain their quality for many years to come.

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