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How to Reduce Time Spent in Traffic

We’re all looking for that escape from the daily grind – an extra few moments in the day to spend relaxing with friends or family or alone on the couch. Proactive drivers can find this extra time by reducing the amount of time they spend in traffic on the way to and from work. And within this post, we’ll review several tips for managing your commute and avoiding those traffic delays.


Commit to Proactive Planning

For those with the flexibility, it’s important to time your trips to avoid traffic. Use your GPS device or phone to analyze the morning’s traffic patterns and then try to locate alternate routes during the busiest times. Oftentimes, you can use Google Maps and other tools to locate various travel routes between your home and your destination. This will allow you pick the best option for avoiding traffic congestion.

Learn Local Street Names Close to Your Destination

If you find yourself in congested traffic along your way to the destination, it’s important you know the exits that will take you closer to the area. Plug in the various route options into your GPS before you begin your journey, and then you’ll be able to quickly adapt if you encounter traffic. You should also learn the names of streets in the area ahead of time to make more effective decisions as you drive.

Check the Weather Ahead of Time

Traffic congestion is often caused by changes within the weather. In Canada, that extra layer of snow and ice can cause numerous headaches for drivers. You might find you can significantly decrease your driving time by simply traveling half an hour later or earlier in the day. Flick on your local weather forecast before you drive and then plan accordingly during future trips!

Continue to Drive the Speed Limit

While you often cannot do much to affect traffic while you’re involved in it, you can be proactive in preventing the build-up of traffic by driving the speed limit. This will help keep traffic patterns predictable and allow other drivers behind you to stay on track and avoid causing a bottleneck.


Driving should be a relaxing experience, not a frustrating one. Use these guidelines to avoid getting stuck traffic during your future trips to and from work! To learn more on avoiding traffic congestion, contact our team today!

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