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How to Determine the Safety of a Used Car Before Purchase

The money has been saved and is now available to spend. But how can drivers determine which used car best fits their future requirements? The safety of a used vehicle is one of the most important factors involved in the purchase process. Vehicle buyers must have a comprehensive understanding of a car’s safety performance before they make the investment. Here, we’ll take a look at how drivers can ensure that a vehicle is completely safe before they drive it off the lot.


1. Check the Vehicle’s Maintenance Records

When buying a used vehicle, it’s imperative to know if that vehicle has undergone any recent maintenance. It’s just as important to know whether it’s been several years since the last maintenance has been completed on the vehicle. In order to find a comprehensive overview of their vehicle’s maintenance history, buyers should order a vehicle history report from a specialist such as Car Proof. Car Proof’s reports will tell the buyer whether the vehicle has been in any accidents as well as detail recent repair work that has been completed.


2. Check Parts Recall Listings

Used vehicle buyers should check parts recall listings to find out if the vehicle they’re purchasing has been subject to any recent recalls. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of recalls by the major manufacturers, and so it’s imperative that buyers analyze the latest listings to see if their preferred vehicle has a number of parts recalls.


3. Ask for a Mechanic to Review before Completing the Purchase

Used vehicle buyers should work with vehicle maintenance specialists closely during the purchase process. Only those with experience repairing and maintaining vehicles have the knowledge necessary to ensure vehicle safety. And so buyers should speak with their local mechanic about arranging a consultation before the vehicle purchase. Most sellers will agree to this this professional vehicle review if it’s completed in good faith, with both parties taking equal part in the process. If the mechanic notices an issue, the buyer can then negotiate with the seller to determine a strategy to either complete the sale or turn down the deal.


There are a multitude of processes involved in optimal vehicle operation. Therefore, used vehicles can suffer from any number of maintenance issues. Buyers must be proactive in their approach to ensuring vehicle safety to help protect themselves against potential financial loss and on-the-road safety issues in the future. Speak with one of our parts experts today to learn more on how to analyze vehicle safety!

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