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How to Choose an Extended Warranty for Recycled Auto Parts

Achieving long-term value on recycled auto parts is the leading objective for buyers. But in order to achieve this long-term value within the recycled auto parts marketplace, the buyer must consider extended warranty options – or risk paying repair costs out of pocket. This means that the proactive buyer must now review the various extended warranty options available to them and decide on their value based on the coverage level provided. In this blog, we’ll help outline the various factors involved in choosing an extended warranty.

Parts Mileage

One of the leading factors in selecting extended warranties for high price items such as engines and transmissions is the mileage. The majority of extended warranties will provide the buyer with coverage up-to 20,000km. However, buyers should always review the terms of their warranty contract to learn more on the precise coverage details for their part. Oftentimes, the mileage covered in the warranty may be dependent on the at-purchase condition of the part.

Parts Replacement & Labour Coverage

Extended warranties are available with a broad range of inclusions and exclusions. One of the most important elements to consider in selecting any extended warranty is whether it covers both the cost of replacement and the cost of labour for repair of the broken part. Companies should be able to offer both options to buyers, and most buyers will be better served by spending the extra money and purchasing warranties that include parts and labour coverage. While the initial investment might be larger, this investment will protect the purchaser against larger costs in future.

Ensure Coverage through Reputable Repair Firms

One of the leading difficulties faced by extended warranty buyers is that the auto recycling firm they buy from does not deal with reputable repair shops. Before making the choice to purchase an extended warranty, buyers should find out which company will be completing any required service work, and whether the recycling firm only works with specific organizations. By asking about the repair company before signing any warranty, buyers can ensure the full long-term value of the warranty and the parts they purchase.

An extended warranty empowers buyers to secure their purchase when dealing with the large amount of variables involved in auto parts purchasing. By selecting the optimal coverage levels and working with trusted repair firms, buyers can achieve full value for their investment. Review all the details of any extended warranty closely to ensure your chosen organization is offering the level of security required for optimum value.

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