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How Green Vehicles are Improving More Than the Environment for Drivers

The advances within electric vehicle technology have helped support continued growth within the industry over recent years. Consumers are now finding that electric vehicles are becoming more cost-effective to run. And this continued move toward pricing efficiency means the popularity of the environmentally-friendly vehicle is set to rise further in future. But there is much more to electric vehicles than their simple environmental benefits. Here, we review further advantages drivers can expect by using an electric vehicle.


1. Performance

There is a misconception within the auto industry that electric vehicles are less powerful or slower than gas-powered vehicles. But, despite the fact they these cars don’t have an internal combustion engine, they are able to reach the same speeds with the same amount of horsepower and acceleration as most gas vehicles. In addition, because electric vehicles don’t require gear shifting processes, they often provide smoother acceleration and braking than their gas-powered counterparts.


2. Maintenance Benefits

Most industry experts know that that the average electric vehicle engine is far less complex than that of gas powered vehicles. Typically, an electric vehicle engine only has one moving part, thereby limiting the number of possible maintenance problems that can arise. Consider for example the continuous oil changes, engine tune-ups and filter replacements the average gas vehicle requires on a regular basis. Using an electric vehicle allows drivers to reduce their ownership costs and save time.


3. Purchase Incentives

With the onus on the Canadian government to motivate buyers to purchase electric vehicles and help improve the environment, they are now offering many purchase incentives. The government in Ontario, for example, is offering up-to $8,000 in rebates to those who purchase an electric vehicle for regular use. This means that, while the purchase price of an electric vehicle is higher than for a gas vehicle, buyers might even find themselves saving money on their initial purchase cost.


If drivers look closely, they will find that the electric vehicle market is growing significantly around the globe. As the technology improves, this tide of electric vehicle use is expected to increase exponentially over time. Discover the latest benefits of electric vehicles by speaking with one of our in-house vehicle parts experts today!

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