How to Protect Your Vehicle from Road Salt Damage

In Woodbeck Auto Part's recent blog post, this Stirling auto recycling facility outlines the techniques that will protect your vehicle from road salt damage this winter season.

Drivers across Canada know all too well the damage that salt can cause to their vehicle during the winter months. Salt is important in helping turn ice back into water for a smoother winter ride. But it can also have a corrosive impact, eating away at the vehicle’s body and potentially causing problems such as hydraulic brake system breakdown. In this blog, we’ll help outline the techniques that will protect your vehicle from road salt damage this winter season.


Tire Maintenance is Essential 

Tires can quickly and easily pick up salt from winter roads. If this salt remains on vehicles over the entire season, it can often begin to corrode the wheel wells and the metal components underneath the vehicles. Owners can remain proactive by creating a tire maintenance schedule that protects the area for the season. By simply scrubbing any debris away every few weeks, tire damage can be avoided.


Clean the Vehicle Interior

It’s important to clean the interior of the vehicle more regularly during the winter to help protect against the long-term damage that corrosive salt may cause. Carpeted areas are especially vulnerable to salt deposits and so vehicle owners must be sure to vacuum their cars on a regular basis to ensure there is no leftover debris from one of their previous trips.


Spray the Vehicle’s Undercarriage with a Sealant

 The undercarriage is the area where the salt can do most damage to a vehicle. And this means owners must pay special attention when maintaining this area during the winter months. Owners should contact a professional to seal the undercarriage area from salt corrosion. Sealant is widely used on fuel lines and brake lines, as these crucial areas can be significantly affected by salt build-up over several months. Should the metal corrode enough to cause a leak, the owner will face significant safety risks and high costs. The ideal strategy to mitigate these issues is speaking with a professional about sealing the undercarriage area.


Effective winter maintenance can help vehicle owners save thousands of dollars in vehicle repairs while keeping their car in optimal driving condition. To learn more on how to protect your vehicle from the effects of salt, speak to our parts specialists today.

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