5 Crucial Cleaning Products for Your Vehicle

In Woodbeck Auto Part's recent blog post, this Stirling auto recycling facility  examines five products that will help make quick work of comprehensive vehicle cleaning.

Most vehicle owners pride themselves on having a clean car. But it’s not always easy to find the time and the tools to assure a complete cleaning job. There are many different products and tools on the market, each proclaiming to perform better than the rest. In this blog, we’ll look at five products that will help make quick work of comprehensive vehicle cleaning.


1. Use a Small, Portable Air Compressor to Remove Dirt and Dust

It is becoming increasingly less expensive to purchase portable air compressors for effective home and vehicle cleaning. Portable air compressor systems can help blow dust and dirt out of heating areas and air conditioning ducts. These systems are most effective when aimed at the walls of the ducts, where most dust and dirt collects and causes musty smells.


2. Use Specially Designed Car Wash Solutions

A large percentage of the population still use dishwashing detergent to clean their vehicle. But detergent is known to strip the protective wax coating from the vehicle and expose the vehicle’s finish to scratching and other forms of damage. Owners must speak with their mechanics about specially designed car wash products that will help protect their vehicle coating.


3. Clean Wipers by Rubbing Them with White Vinegar 

Owners often find that, after they’ve completed an immaculate cleaning process, they go to turn on their vehicle’s windshield wipers only to notice dirt spread across their vehicle. By cleaning their wipers with a rag soaked in white vinegar, owners can achieve a streak-free windshield. Simply running the rag over the full length of the wipers once or twice should be enough.


4. Use Wax on Vehicles Each New Season 

It’s recommended that owners wax their vehicles at the beginning of each new season to retain a shiny, new appearance. Wax can help protect against salt erosion during the wintertime and against acid rain and other environmental issues during the fall and summer.


5. Tire Cleaner Helps Improve Car Performance

By committing to cleaning their tires using a specially-designed cleaning product, owners can enhance their vehicle’s performance – especially in terms of braking. Using a tire cleaner and a brush, owners should try to get into the tight spaces behind the wheel close to the brake pads. Removing dust from this area can help mitigate problems with brake pad performance and help further ensure effective brake pad maintenance.


Only by closely following the guidance of the experts in the field can complete vehicle cleaning be achieved. By using the tips and products highlighted within this blog post, vehicle owners will discover that their car maintains its peak aesthetic appeal throughout the coming fall and winter months.

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