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Auto Parts Damage Locator—A Parts Map for those with Minimal Car Knowledge

If you have minimal car knowledge but have been in a car accident in Stirling—then you\’ve come to the right place!

We\’ve created our auto parts damage locator for those who have been in a car accident, and who can\’t rattle off the name of car parts as quickly as a doctor can recite the names of the bones in the human hand.

Our Auto Parts Damage Locator—a Parts Map for The Rest of Us

If you\’ve been in a car accident and need to file an insurance claim, or need to read an insurance claim then let our damage locator help you through the process. The damage locator works based on a standardized system that is used by every insurance company across the country.

To help you decipher the Automotive Recycler\’s Association (ARA) code used by insurance companies, and our damage locator—we have the following tips to guide you:

  • The code will consist of multiple codes—one for the location of the car part, one for the type of damage and another that estimates the hours needed to fix the area. For example, a code of 2D1 would represent a damage in location 2 that requires an hour of repair work.
  • Parts labeled in the guide include: the heating and A/C system, brake system, the bumper(s), the cooling system, doors, electrical systems and accessories, the engine, exhaust, the fender(s), the front-end, tail gate, fuel system, the hood, the instrument panel, lamps and lights, glass, the panel on the rear body, the lift gate, the roof panel, seats, structural parts, the steering and steering column, suspension, wheel and trim.
  • The “Damage Code Table” consists of damage represented by the first letter of the damage (for example, B for burn), unless signified otherwise. This includes: burns, dents, lip, hail, crease, bent, buckle, rip or crack (J), rust, parking lot dings, scratch-surface only, paint problem (T) and no damage (000)

For a specific part-by-part diagram of how to assess damage to your car, or to decode damage assessed by your insurance company—check out our damage locator, which can be found here:


If your car has been damaged in an accident, use this auto parts damage locator—or simply call Woodbecks today to find out how to locate the exact parts you need—at an incredible price, or how to sell your scrap car.

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