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5 Fall Car Care Tips

There’s a chill in the air and early mornings are becoming even darker, this can only mean that winter is on its way! For Canadian drivers, the cool weather brings it with it an increasing need to conduct routine vehicle maintenance, to help ensure optimal performance over the months ahead. Here, we’ll outline five fall car care tips Canadian drivers should follow before winter hits.


1. Change Your Wiper blades at the Beginning of the Season 

Fall is when the vehicle’s wiper blades are required the most. Falling leaves and increasingly stormy weather can limit visibility. And so wiper blade performance is critical during this period of the year. Drivers should change their wiper blades at the beginning of the fall season to ensure they achieve high level performance.


2. Change Fluids

Washer fluid should be changed at the beginning of the fall season, in order to help the vehicle adapt to the cooler weather. It’s also a good time to begin checking the levels of antifreeze within the coolant to ensure the vehicle performs as expected while the thermostat dips.


3. Check Tires

Tire pressure can drop along with the temperatures. Drivers should check their pressure to make sure it’s at the optimal levels for safe fall driving. When checking their tires, drivers should check the spare to assure ultimate on-the-road safety during the fall months.


4. Have the Heater System Inspected

Before the weather starts to be cold enough for drivers to need that all important vehicle heating system, it’s important to have heating systems checked by professionals. A quick analysis from a local area mechanic should be enough to highlight and diagnose any existing heating issues.


5. Check/Replace Headlines and Brake Lights

As the roads become darker earlier in the evening, many drivers will still be making their way home from work when the darkness falls. It’s important for Canadian vehicle owners to review their brake lights and headlights and replace any bulbs that aren’t working to optimal capacity.


For assured safety on Canadian roads this fall season, follow the previously outlined elements of an effective maintenance schedule. These simple actions can help protect drivers and others on the road while ensuring that vehicles remain in top operational condition for the cooler months ahead.

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