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3 Windshield Crack Safety Tips

It’s an event that can happen at any time on the road. You’re driving along, following a truck when a small object bounces off the windshield causing a crack to appear. While the crack might be small, it can grow larger over time as it places additional stress on the entire windshield. And so within this blog, we’ll help outline 3 windshield crack safety tips.


1. Avoid Placing Your Vehicle in Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can weaken windshield glass, potentially causing further structural damage to cracked windshields. This means it’s important to avoid placing your vehicle within direct sunlight on exceptional warm days if you have a cracked windshield. Park your vehicle in the shade in the summer and use underground or garage parking in winter to help protect against further damage to your windshield.


2. Don’t Attempt to Repair the Glass without Professional Help

An error many vehicle owners make is trying to fill the crack in their windshield themselves without professional equipment. While properly trained individuals might be successful, it’s more likely that you’ll cause further damage if you don’t use the optimal repair systems. You might also contaminate the area, making any further repair work difficult or even impossible to complete.


3. Visit a Windshield Specialist for Analysis

The most important factor within any windshield repair work is time. The sooner that you drive to your local windshield specialist, the sooner you’ll be able to drive your vehicle safely. The specialist will review the crack to analyze whether they have to replace the entire windshield or simply fill the crack utilizing a resin. Oftentimes, cracks that are longer than 12 inches in length require the replacement of the full windshield. In addition, full windshield replacement might be recommended if the driver’s view is obstructed due to the crack.


Only by acting quickly and speaking directly with a professional you can rest assured that your windshield cracks are filled correctly. Remember: a fast response can ensure lower overall repair costs. Contact your local windshield experts directly to learn more on the repair process and its costs.


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