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3 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Buying OEM Parts

We all know the benefits of choosing OEM parts for a vehicle – they fit seamlessly, and are designed for optimal long-term performance based on the manufacturer’s specifications. But many of today’s Canadian auto parts buyers are simply unwilling to pay the full price for that OEM part. Instead of turning to the aftermarket products, however, there are now a range of options for secure the OEM component at a reduced price. In this blog, we’ll review the options available to auto parts buyers searching for that ideal OEM component.

1)    Choose Recycled OEM Parts

Specialist auto parts companies are often able to offer access to a full inventory of recycled OEM parts. These parts are simply parts that have been used previously in vehicles and have been tested and certified before being brought to the market again. Buyers can often make great savings by speaking with their local auto parts dealers about the available recycled auto parts in their current selection.

2)    Search Online

Online sources often provide direct access to affordable OEM parts for vehicle owners. By searching through the inventories of online firms, vehicle owners may be able to find specific OEM parts at a significant discount compared with the direct-from-manufacturer cost. Depending on the company, some online businesses may also provide free shipping to help reduce the overall procurement cost for the OEM parts.

3)    Choose Parts Specialists that offer OEM Parts with a Warranty

Warrantied OEM parts don’t have to come directly from the manufacturer. Many local auto parts specialists can offer OEM parts with a comprehensive warranty built-into the purchase price. Parts buyers can make exceptional savings on their purchase costs by reviewing the warranties offered by the company and ensure that their preferred warranty service is included in the final cost. Most auto parts deals will present this warranty option to all customers. OEM parts buyers might also consider extended warranties for those larger purchases that may involve great investment risk.

The quality and the performance of OEM parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer. And now, buyers don’t have to settle for second best simply because of price. Reducing expenditure on the latest auto parts is a matter of reviewing the market options and working with industry experts to find that bargain price. To learn more on the OEM parts purchase process, contact our parts experts directly.

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