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3 Ways the Summer Heat is Hurting Your Vehicle

There are few things more relaxing activities than taking that summer drive across the region to see many of the great natural landscapes Ontario has to offer. But, while it’s important to enjoy the warm weather while it’s still here, the heat could actually be having a negative impact on vehicle performance. Here, we take a look at 3 ways in which a car’s performance can be limited by the summer heat.


1. Changes to the Car Interior

Over time, the UV rays from the sun will damage the dashboard and other interior vehicle elements. One problem owners of new vehicles may notice is that touchscreen displays within their vehicles can start to crack as a result of sun and heat exposure. Vehicle owners can protect their cars from this type of damage by simply parking it in shaded areas or placing a sun-shield within their windshield during the summer months. This simple tool could help protect a vehicle interior for years to come.


2. Loss of Battery Power 

A vehicle’s battery includes water and acid elements. During the peak heat of the summer season, the water can evaporate, which can expose the lead plates inside the battery. This might not be a noticeable issue for the rest of the summer, but during the winter the battery will then no longer have the required amperage to start the vehicle. Drivers must monitor their vehicle battery over time to ensure that it’s performing optimally. Speaking with an auto mechanic during an up-coming tune-up can ensure all battery related questions are answered professionally.


3. Summertime Heat Causes Stress On Tires 

Tire pressure increases as the outside temperature rises. This increased pressure can often be enough to blow a tire out in especially hot weather conditions. Drivers must make a note of their tire pressure level before setting out for that long summer drive. Proactively ensuring that tires are inflated to an optimal level of 35 PSI can help prevent dangerous tire-related issues this summer.


While these summer months might make for the perfect driving conditions after the bitter, icy winter, there are elements that can have a significant impact on vehicle performance. Drivers that commit to regular summertime maintenance can protect their vehicle against many of these issues. Speak with one of our in-house experts today to learn more on how to protect your vehicle this summer.

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