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3 Tips for Upgrading Engine Performance

Today’s vehicle owner is continually seeking ways to improve the performance of their car engine. It’s a long-standing objective that, when achieved, can empower owners to achieve true value for money from the performance of their car. In order to know how to improve engine performance, it’s important to know the basics of engine design. In this blog, we’ll highlight 3 easy-to-complete steps that can quickly improve engine performance results.

Clean Filters to Improve Response Times

By simply making sure that their fuel filter is clean and in optimal condition, drivers can actively prevent issues with poor fuel economy, rough idling and ignition challenges. When a driver uses their gas pedal, this action initiates the process of fuel being sent into the engine. During this process, the fuel must pass through a filter to remove the impurities in the oil and keep the engine clean. When the gas pedal is pressed in a vehicle with dirty or clogged filters, contaminants are sent directly into the engine thereby impeding optimal performance and, over-time degrading the structural condition of the engine. Cleaning or replacing filters can both save drivers a large amount of money on engine repairs and improve engine condition.

Analyze Sensor Performance

For those with modern vehicles, their vehicle’s performance is optimized through a central computer system, which directs information to and collects information from sensors in various engine compartments. When drivers feel that they’re losing engine performance, but there are no noticeable signs indicated by their vehicle, the problem is likely a sensor. Two main sensors are usually the culprits behind loss of engine functionality: the mass air flow sensor and the engine speed sensor. Drivers of newer vehicles will find that they can buy a diagnostic code reader to detect sensor issues. This will help provide their mechanics with the available information to resolve the issue.

Add lightweight parts

Where possible, manufacturers are now trying to integrate lightweight engine parts in order to decrease the amount of energy required to move parts. Integrating lighter pistons and other components in their vehicles can help drivers gain more performance efficiency. However, it’s important to balance the cost of the component with the level of performance improvement.

By reviewing the available options within the marketplace, vehicle owners will find there are numerous ways to improve how both the performance and the durability of their vehicle’s engine and its components. To learn more about this challenging process, please contact our in-house parts specialists directly.


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