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3 Tips for Analyzing Parts Performance

Expert automotive parts testing processes are essential to protect the buyer’s investment. Without access to verifiable data on how a particular part operates, buyers cannot move forward in the purchase process with full confidence. Fortunately, most auto parts dealers are now proactive in putting parts through comprehensive tests to ensure optimal performance in their customers’ vehicles. Within this blog, we’ll highlight 3 tips the regular parts buyer can use to analyze a particular part’s performance.

1) Review Environmental Testing Performance

In the modern marketplace, environmental testing is a leading consideration for auto parts buyers. Today’s buyers need to know if the part they’re buying will help their vehicle achieve its emissions objectives. So, when purchasing exhaust products such as catalytic converters, for example, environmental testing must be completed to ensure that the product offers peak efficiency. To ensure optimal performance, parts buyers must speak with their parts specialist about environmental certifications and the part’s emissions results.

2) Ask for Performance Records of Big Ticket Items Before Purchase

Today’s leading Canadian auto parts suppliers will test larger items thoroughly utilizing the latest technology. For example, engines will be tested in terms of oil consumption, compression and oil pressure levels by technicians harnessing specific auto parts analysis products to ensure performance. It is crucial for buyers to gain access to this performance data as it will provide them with the assurance that their part is in full working order at the time of purchase. Buyers should ask to speak with the testing specialists for the parts in order to gain an understanding of the testing data.

3) Compare Multiple Components When Possible

Oftentimes, a part’s performance can only be truly measured by comparing it with another part of the same type. While auto parts recycling companies will be able to provide specific information on the testing results for specific parts, it’s important that the buyer review several available parts to ensure that they’re getting value for money in the long-term. They may find that the seemingly cost-effective high quality exhaust product they’ve found might be exceptional expensive when factoring in shortfalls in future performance efficiency.

The proactive buyer must always be aware of their responsibility to ensure the value of a product. Working with trusted auto parts recycling firms can help reduce some of the challenge involved in finding top performing components, but buyers should consider their role in the process and gain as much information as possible on a part before making their investment.

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