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3 Questions Used Parts Dealers Will Ask When Buying Your Used Parts

As a proactive vehicle owner looking to sell auto parts to a used parts specialist, it’s important to note the type of questions that might be asked during the transaction process. Sellers must have quick access to the required information to ensure that the sale is completed seamlessly. In this blog, we’ll review the 3 most common questions that parts dealers ask when buying used parts from vehicle owners.

1)    Do you have the vehicle paperwork?

Before selling used parts, owners must collect all the relevant paperwork for the car. Used parts buyers will want to know precise information on the part’s manufacturing standards and its performance capabilities before they list it in their inventories. By having quick access to the paperwork for the vehicle, owners can ensure a streamline sale and assure the parts buyer that they’re a trustworthy owner.

2)    When was the Part Last Repaired?

When buying a larger vehicle part such as entire engine or transmission, parts companies will want to know that part’s maintenance history. They will want to know when then part was last repaired and if the part has been regularly maintained in recent years. Vehicle owners should work with their mechanics before selling a used part to find out the precise dates of any recent maintenance work. Accurate records can help prevent miscommunication during the sale process.

3)    Has the Part Achieved Required Environmental Certifications?

Within Canada, the various provincial governments now dictate that vehicles must go through emissions testing in order to be considered safe for use on roads across the country. For parts such as catalytic converters and other engine components, it’s important to provide access to the part’s recent emissions testing information. Parts buyers must ensure that parts are viable for use within modern vehicles, and environmental certifications are crucial to this process.

Prepare for selling your auto parts by reviewing the questions in this blog. Ensuring that you have access to all the latest documentation and repair history information can help boost the chances of achieving a great price when selling parts.

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