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Our Experts Uncover Winter Driving Myths

our experts uncovers winter driving myths.

The Canadian winter has now officially begun. Temperatures are below freezing. Ice is a continuous decoration on the roads and yet thousands of us must still make that daily commute to and from work each day. To help ensure you make your journey safely this winter-time we’re uncovering several of the prevailing winter driving myths. … Read More

Uncovering the Top Vehicle Air Conditioning Myths

In Woodbeck Auto Part's recent blog post, this Stirling auto recycling facility provides insight into commonly believed air conditioning myths, as we separate the fact from the fiction.

The subject of car air conditioning systems is largely misunderstood by a majority of the vehicle owning population. This knowledge gap continues to cause thousands of Canadian drivers to alter their vehicle use habits for air conditioning management strategies that are ineffective. And so in this blog, we’ll provide an insight into commonly believed air … Read More